All known records of Pseudomaro aenigmaticus Denis, 1966

(last updated 2002-July-18)

by Theo Blick & Martin Kreuels


T. Blick, Heidloh 8, D-95503 Hummeltal, Germany, e-mail:
Dr. M. Kreuels, AraDet, Alexander-Hammer-Weg 9, D-48161 Muenster, Germany, e-mail:

We intend to publish the hitherto unknown male of Pseudomaro aenigmaticus (Araneae, Linyphiidae)
in Bull. BAS and want to include all known records of the species (with as many details as possible:
habitats, geographic data, phenology).

We list all details we know about. So you can see which records, details etc. we probably do not know
until now (we will update new information we get as soon as possible).


We please all arachnologists to send us additional information (e-mail to TB or MK ).
Especially records we do not know until now are important. Incomplete information is marked by '#'

See more details:

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